April 26, 2016 marks thirty years since the day of the terrible global disaster - the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident. The whole world felt its consequences. Only heroic efforts of a large number of people helped prevent an even greater disaster. A lot has been done over these thirty years: Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant has been stopped and its decommissioning has started, the facilities for storage and processing of nuclear waste have been built, the New Safe Confinement that will insulate the Unit 4 from the environment for the next 100 years is under construction now. During this period, a unique experience in overcoming the consequences of technological disasters and in the organization of international cooperation has been gained, and a number of scientific discoveries have been made. Chornobyl zone has become a special object that can be used effectively despite all the danger.

Thus, the International Forum "Chornobyl’s Legacy for the Nuclear Safety of the World" is a tribute to human heroism and a platform for the transfer of experience and development of new solutions concerning the development of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and similar facilities.